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Added: 14. 08. 2008
VI. volume of Karel Matusinec memorial race - Jevisovice pentathlon
We took part in this competition with Alexa. We were placed on 4-th place and we got "the best defence".

Added: 17. 07. 2008
Summer CSW camp Jevisovice - from 26.7. to 10.8.2008
You can meet us in summer CSW camp in Jevisovice (near Znojmo, south Moravia).

Added: 13. 10. 2007
Daria z Udoli ticha: A62 Og R1 P1 - HD A(0/0)
We passed a bonitation with Daria 6. 10. 2007. Daria´s brother Darek passed a bonitation too: A66 E1 C2 Of R1 P1 - HD A(0/0).

Added: 13. 10. 2007
Info from weekend 27. - 30. 9. in Jevisovice:
29. 9.: We take a part in tracking in championship of CSW by exam ZVV1 with Alexa.
30. 9.: Special CSW dog show (81 CSW enroled):
     - open class: Daria - V2, res.CAC (excelent, 2-nd)
     - veteran class: Alexa - V2 (excelent, 2-nd)

Added: 01. 08. 2007
We took part in V. year of "Karel Matusinec meet - Jevisovice pentathlon" with Alexa at summer CSW camp in Jevisovice. We obtained 284 pt and we´re placed on 4-th place. Alexa vindicated "the best tracking" too.

Added: 01. 08. 2007
Next HD results of our puppies:
Bessy z Udoli ticha - B (0/1) - MVDr. Lukas Duchek
Danny z Udoli ticha - C (2/2) - MVDr. Lukas Duchek

Added: 10. 12. 2006
We were on X-mas club competition with Daria on our training place (KK Brno - Kralovo Pole) yesterday 9-th December 2006. We were placed on 3-rd place in "A" category (by ZOP exam). Click on the pic bellow to see point card.

Added: 10. 12. 2006
We were with Darek and Daria at MVDr. Petr Pavelek on 10-th November 2006. The reason of our visit was making HD X-ray picture. We sent pictures to MVDr. Lukas Duchek, who evaluated HD degree. We obained results on 1-st December 2006 - Both Darek and Daria have HD A(0/0) :o).