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There are basic information about breed "Czechoslovakian wolfdog" (CSW) in this section of website. You can read standard, you will find information about planned litters, offer of puppies, links etc. Here is article about breed history for beginning (following text arises out of book "Czechoslovakian wolfdog" - authors Jindrich Jedlicka and Ing. Karel Hartl):


In 1955 was in the former CSSR - specifically in kennel "z Pohranicni straze" in Libejovice (south Bohemia) - begun an experiment which aimed to find out information about the behaviour of wolfs in captivity and show possibility of breeding of descendants from combination of wolf-bitch and male dog and from combination of dog bitch and male wolf, and show vitality of these pups. Next aim was to find out if through crossbreeding the dogs can get better health, resistance and hardiness in military service. First successful lining wolf-bitch Brita by a dog Cezar z Brezoveho haje took place in spring 1958 - 26-th May 5 pups were born. Selected cross-breeds were used in combination with german shepherds again.

First results and next aims of research were published from 1964 to 1965. The idea about new breed originated in this time. First wording of standard was developed by Ing Karel Hartl in 1966. Four subsidiary generations of cross breeds from 1-st line (Brita - Cezar z Brezoveho haje) and two subsidiary generations from 2-nd line (Brita - Kurt z Vaclavky) were born in this time. But request of registration of a new breed was rejected due to few numbers of dogs.

In 1968 next lining of female german shepherd Asta z SNB by a wolf Argo took place in kennel in Bychory and 2-nd subsidiary generation from this line was breeded here consecutively. Interlines cross-breeds were called "CW" - Czech wolfdog. 56 cross-breeds were at civil breeders in 1970, new request of registration of a new breed was rejected again. Next request was rejected in 1976.

New linings of female cross-breed of 3-rd subsidiary generation Xela z Pohranicni straze and female CW dog Urta z Pohranicni straze by a wolf Sarik took place in a new kennel near Malacky - here worked Mr. Frantisek Rosik who co-operated with Ing. Karel Hartl.

Czech syndicate of breeders permited finally establishment of Club of breeders of czechoslovakian wolfdogs and registration of puppies in stud book at the end of year 1981. Club was established in Brno, 20-th March 1982. The last cross-breeding with a wolf took place in 1983 (wolf-bitch Lejdy from ZOO Ohrada - Hluboka nad Vltavou and german shepherd Bojar von Schotterhof). Selected male dog - Kazan z Pohranicni straze - was used several times in breeding of CSW. Four wolfs - Brita, Argo, Sarik and Lejdy - participated on formation of CSW breed during 25 years.

Standard of czechoslovakian wolfdog was ratified FCI 13-rd June 1989 in Helsinky and issued by secretariat of FCI under number 332, 28-th April 1994. Slovak Republic took over patronage after Czech and Slovak Republic separation. In 1999 was successfully accomplished defence and breed "czechoslovakian wolfdog" was recognized by FCI definitively.

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